Charanda Uruapan Rum Single Blended 1L

Tasting Notes

It may seem improbable at first but as they say, you often meet new friends in unexpected places. Mexico is known as the land of Mezcal and Tequila but there are pockets of the country across its vastly diverse micro-climates where the conditions for top quality sugarcane are ideal. And here you will find small artisanal producers that evoke the best of the mezcal world, making exciting, complex, natural rums are known as Charanda. Notes here are similar to those of the great Clarins of Haiti or the regal agricoles of the French Caribbean with a mix of savory and hints of sweet including notes of Lime Basil, green peppercorns, white tea, preserved lemon and mulberries.   Reserva Exclusiva

BRAND:  Charanda
COUNTRY:  Mexico
SPIRITS STYLE:   Single Blended


Charanda Uruapan Rum Single Blended 1L



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