A pinch of this, a pinch of that. Next thing you know, you have an amazing dessert in front of you. But in this case, you don’t have to do any of the cooking. We found a new spot in Miami that has come up with decadent — and different — desserts. Our favorite food group.

There’s a new yummy spot on Biscayne and 86th Street.

John Gallo, Pinch Kitchen: “Pinch Kitchen is a dream, I guess. Me and Rene, going back 10 years, knew we were gonna open up a restaurant when we started working together.”

So they opened Pinch Kitchen, home to fresh, creative food.

John Gallo: “We’re calling it freestyle, American freestyle. It’s a little bit of everything. Right now we have Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Italian, little bit of everything we’ve done in the past, as well as some Spanish flavors.”

Try everything, but make sure you leave room for dessert.

John Gallo: “We try to look at what nobody is doing around here.”

And what nobody’s doing is this chocolaty goodness.

John Gallo: “Our chocolate soufflé inside of an actual orange, nobody does that. It was something that we really had to work on, tried many many times. Soufflé is not easy, and then making it inside of an orange wasn’t easier.”

The orangy flavor, the bittersweet chocolate, the pouring custard it’s served with — ah-mazing.

There’s a vegan creation that looks good to non-vegans, too: the cardamom panna cota.

John Gallo: “With honey, saffron and jalapeño, it gives a bit of a kick, and it’s actually a vegan dessert. And we put on top some fresh fruit, so it’s very well-balanced. You get sweet, you get savory, little bit of spicyness in it.

The guys from Pinch say, have it with some vino.

John Gallo: “La Gitana, which is a wine that we use here. It’s a Moscato blend with Palomino Fino and sauvignon blanc, so it’s not heavily sweet, and it goes really well with the floralness of the cardamom.”

And, because they want you to feel at home…

John Gallo: “It’s a homemade baba au rhum, and we make the rum cake here in-house. Classic French dessert, and it’s something we did our own little twist on.”

It’s drenched in rum sauce and paired with a thyme gelato made especially for Pinch.

John Gallo: “We got the flavor on point, and it worked really well. Everyone is looking at us like, ‘thyme gelato?’ But once you taste it, by itself it’s phenomenal, but once you get that combination of the rum cake and the gelato, it’s really good.”

Pair it with an Italian Moscato and witness what we like to call a little bit of heaven. Cheers!

Watch Video: https://wsvn.com/entertainment/pinch-kitchen/

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